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A Guide to the Language Levels

Language courses are offered in a variety of subjects and levels.We currently offer French, Italian and Spanish. Many of our tutors are native speakers so you can learn the language and explore some cultural aspects too.


'Holiday' language courses are aimed at beginners who would like a short introduction to the language of their choice and learning is targeted to what you might need to know when going on holiday.


French for Beginners - UC12F58A at Uckfield College started on 24th September £353.00 - 30 weeks


Introduction to Spanish - UC12F70A at Uckfield College started 15th January 2020 £121.00 - 10 weeks**Limited Spaces**

Introduction to Spanish - HE12F80A at Heathfield Community College started 7th November £121.00 - 7 weeks**Limited Spaces**

Spanish for Beginners - CL12F51A at Claverham College started 24th September £295.00 - 25 weeks

Spanish Beginners Plus - UP12F50A at Ticehurst Village Hall started 23rd September £295.00 - 25 weeks


Italian for Beginners - UC12F59A at Uckfield College started 25th September £353.00 - 30 weeks

Italian for Beginners Plus - BE12F18A at Crowborough Community College started 27th September £353.00 - 30 weeks**Limited Spaces**

Italian Intermediate - CL12G64A at Claverham College started 25th September £395.00 - 25 weeks

Italian Intermediate Plus - CL12G63A at Claverham College started 23rd September £395.00 - 25 weeks

Italian Advanced - BE12G17A at Crowborough Community College started 25th September £473.00 - 30 weeks

Italian Conversation - UC12G17A at Civic Centre Uckfield started 23rd September £473.00 - 30 weeks**Limited Spaces**


Please use the 'COURSE SEARCH' under the 'COURSES' tab to see all the courses available.