Upholstery for Beginners (UC09L50A)


When? Wednesday, 7:00pm - 9:00pm from 23rd September 2020 until 2nd December 2020 for 10 weeks.

There are no classes on 28th October (Half Term)
Where? This is an online course.
How much does it cost? The full fee is £127.00. The concessionary fee is £63.00. Reduced fees are available to students in receipt of certain means-tested benefits. For more information on applicable benefits and eligibility please see the Financial Support page on our website or contact the ACRES team.

Please see additional cost information below
You will need to provide materials for this course. Your tutor will advise you of what you need as the course progresses.

How to enrol?

You can enrol by phoning ACRES' House on 01825 761820 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 10 am and 3 pm. Alternatively, to register your interest in a course please email adultlearning@acres.org.uk with the course title and your contact details and a member of the team will call you back to enrol you on your chosen course.

Course overview

Introduction to the basic techniques of upholstery. Learn how to upholster a stool or dining chair. Upholstery is a process; a methodical, yet deeply satisfying hobby that cannot be rushed. Develop your skills gradually and be amazed by what you can produce.

Students who have previously attended the Introduction course are invited to return and consolidate their skills and develop new techniques.

This course is an online course. We are expecting to return to classroom teaching on Wednesday evenings at Uckfield College, in the New Year.

What you already need to know

This course is aimed at complete beginners and those with some basic upholstery experience. The course will be structured so that all learners work together through the upholstery process working on a footstool or dining chair with 'drop in' seat.

Those who attended the Introduction to Upholstery earlier this year, or who have some basic knowledge of upholstery can bring the same type or slightly larger piece of furniture on which you will consolidate your skills and develop them further with new techniques.

What you will learn

Upholstery is a process and Emma will take you through these step by step.
Topics covered will include:
- Basic tear back
- Order of operations for upholstered furniture
- Correct measuring and cutting of fabric
- How to centre and tension fabric for a smooth finish
- Introduce you to trims / pleats / easement cuts
- Foam selection and ratios for creating a foam insert

For returning learners, you may already have discussed your next project with Emma or will have slightly larger or more complex pieces of furniture to work on. The course will start with the basic techniques which you will find useful to consolidate your knowledge. You will then be able to develop your projects with new and exciting techniques.

How you will learn it

Using the online medium you will learn directly from your tutor as well as through presentations, videos, online resources and group discussion. You will have plenty of opportunity to develop your practical skills and your tutor will give you guidance and feedback.

What do I need to bring to the first session?

ACRES' online courses will be taught in real time using the video platform Google Meet, supported by other online resources. To ensure you get the most out of the course and can fully participate in the sessions you will interact with your tutor and other students through speaking, listening and the chat function, as well as being able to see each other via the video links, though you can turn off your camera and microphone at any time.

You will therefore need to have access to either a laptop, computer or portable device (eg tablet or phone) (this ideally needs to be less than 5 years old), with a camera / webcam and microphone, as well as a good broadband / Wi-Fi connection.

Though it is not essential, you may choose to create a separate email account for your online learning (preferably Gmail which is most compatible with Google Meet). This will give you the added security to allow you to share your email address with your tutor and other students on the course to enhance your learning experience, without disclosing your personal information.

At the start of the course and before each lesson your tutor will send you an invitation with a link to join the class and any further information including resources and equipment you will need for the lesson.

Materials and items you will need to do the course
For the first session you will need a small footstool or dining chair with 'drop in' seat. You may have other pieces of furniture in mind to work on later in the course. If you are unsure, please telephone or email the ACRES office so that the tutor can guide you before the course starts.
The fabric you would like to use, enough to cover the cushion area with some to spare
Flat blade and posidrive (cross headed) screwdriver
Round nose pliers
Electric staple gun clickhere to see an example

To avoid unnecessary cost please do not purchase any materials or text books until you are certain
that your course will run. Course decisions are normally made a week prior to the course start date.

How much extra study or practice is involved?

You will need to continue work started in class ready for the next lesson

What do previous students say?

"I have learnt so much, I ddin't realise there was so much to learn."
"It has been really good fun, I have transformed by Mum's old footstool into a funky new one. She would have been delighted."
"Emma is an amazing teacher. She is patient and really knows her stuff."

What are the next steps within this subject with ACRES?

Once the basic techniques have been demonstrated, returning learners are encouraged to develop their skills and move onto larger and more detailed projects, learning skills such as tailored or butterfly pleats, how to create a pattern for slip covers for ottomans, larger chair or sofa cushions and diamond tufting for headboards.

During recent months, ACRES courses have been taught online and are proving very successful. We intend to continue to teach both online and classroom based courses and are hoping to return to face to face teaching in the New Year.
From January this course will be taught at Uckfield college at the same times /day and with the same tutor.
If you find that online learning suits you there are several online courses available with ACRES.

What are the future steps beyond ACRES?

Find out about other courses with the National Careers Service for opportunities to extend your skills and knowledge.

How can I get further information about these?

Please visit our website at www.acreslearning.org.uk, see our brochure, or alternatively contact a member of the team on 01825 761820.